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About Us

The Sailing Sound ethos:

Our approach to music production can be exemplified by these five elements:

-The importance of preparation and pre-production before recording.

-Encouraging unrestrained creativity and the freedom to achieve unique results in order to capture and showcase the artist’s true potential.

-A sense of humour and a positive attitude in the studio: “We all know that hard work gets results, but to achieve a great performance, the musician needs to be relaxed and I strongly believe that humour in the studio is the way forward.”-Andrew Neelands.

-A high degree of professionalism based on experience and a pure passion for music.

-Above all things, assisting the artist’s personal development by letting them have fun with the songs and helping them to explore new, unforeseen avenues of thought.


Whether you want to record a single, EP or an album, Sailing Sound can help you to explore your abilities, get creative and achieve your best work.

Urging artists to have fun when making music, Sailing Sound attaches a great importance to the idea of unrestricted creativity in the production of music and aims to provide a relaxed yet highly professional environment in which this can take place.


Sailing Sound producer and musician Andrew Neelands has a lot of experience both in the recording booth and behind the mixing desk, producing a diversity of projects as well as laying down his own work with a number of previous bands, most notably Redeye. Be sure to check out the Music section to find out more about these artists and listen to their work. Sailing Sound aims to promote not only itself but the talented artists it works with, so follow the links for more information and to be redirected to a band’s Myspace address.


Providing reasonable rates for studio-time, Sailing Sound aims to get the best out of talented musicians by above all identifying their abilities and strengths and letting their efforts produce innovative results. Placing a particular emphasis on the importance of pre-production means that time can be managed and used more effectively. Whilst any unwanted mistakes can be fixed in the mixing process, it’s always a smoother and more successful day’s work in the studio when instruments are tuned and voices are ready to go. However, it’s always difficult to try and put a time-frame on musical invention and producer Andrew Neelands also recognises the spontaneity of truly original imagination, stating,

Creativity can strike at any moment, even when the pre-production is over …sometimes the magic just happens when we least expect it.” 

Andrew’s insistence that “It's always important to keep a positive attitude in the studio when working on projects” is the perfect encapsulation of Sailing Sound’s approach to music, a confident and assured understanding of the critical significance of the right dynamics to make the song work, and above all things, breathe.

I can't stress enough the key role dynamics play in a great song. I've seen so many bands that just don't let the song breathe. I believe, that if you let the song breathe, you allow the audience into the song.”-Andrew Neelands

Recent testimonials (see Testimonials section at bottom of page) made by Sailing Sound’s clients highlight the efficiency of Andrew’s relaxed attitude in the studio, testament to his willingness to produce work that’s as good as it can possibly be.

So it is with this interaction between all-important pre-production and a keen willingness to let things unravel naturally in the studio that Sailing Sound builds its ethos and approach to music production.




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