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‘Redeye’ Play ‘The West One Four’ Saturday 5th December 1998

Check Out My Old Band


Redeye – West One Four 1998

Check out my old band Redeye, from a gig in 1998. More Tracks to follow from this gig.


music.phpIt was great fun Producing 3 tracks for rock band ‘Lost In Holborn’. It may have been hard work, but the jokes that flew round the studio and our passion for music kept us on track. More to the point, the band really wanted to learn and were open to creative arrangements of their songs.

We spent 25 hours in preproduction, exploring various arrangements and working on timing and tuning. It’s amazing how a drum part for example, started off at the beginning of the song like in RIVERSIDE, finally ends up as the ‘middle 8th’. And the intro sounding completely different. I am a strong believer, if you let the song breathe, you invite the audience into the song. If the song doesn’t breathe, you distance the listener. Dynamics is one of the most  important parts of making a song interesting.

If we take STATIC for example, in the ‘second verse’ the drums pull back, by only playing on the kick and the guitar playing something atmospheric in the background, which we hear at the beginning of the song. It is the bass guitar that really drives the song through this part.  Then at the second part of the ‘second verse’, the distorted rhythm guitars come in with the rest of the drums, with the vocals becoming more aggressive. By doing this, the electric guitars stand out more. They really give the song a huge impact. If the guitars were playing at the same level all the time, we really wouldn’t notice the difference. Also listen to the tail end of the guitar solo. By giving the final guitar bend a reverb tail, it gives the a little air for the song to breathe for a split second. Everything stops for a split second, except the reverb tail of the distorted bend on the guitar,……we breathe, then the the drums kick in with a big fill, finally driving the song into the final chorus till the end. The reverb tail was easy to program into Logic Pro, by using Track Automation and sending it to a BUS.

DRIVEN TO DISTRACTION was the hardest to produce and the one the band and myself were least happy with, but some of their fans have chosen it as their favourite. We tried many ideas: from toying with various guitar lines, to adding  a reggae bass line in the verse, to doing many vocal takes. when we were doing the final recording and everything was laid down, the band felt something was missing. So I headed for the Roland Juno Synthesizer and put down a very Blondiesque(not sure if that’s a word, but you know what I mean)keyboard line, using the pitch bender. With the Mark(Drummer)playing 16ths on the High Hat with the synth line laid down, along with the guitars and vocals driving it along, really gave this track an 80’s feel.


Returning to vinyl to save the music industry

Was the launch of the CD & more so the MP3, the beginning of the fall of  the Record Industry? Is the digital format to blame for record companies & artists in losing money?

Wimbledon Based Studio – Sailing Sound

Dario Rossi…The crazy Italian drummer in London

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In response to the changing landscape of the Record Industry, more Producers and Artists are looking to start their own record, publishing and production companies. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ?.

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