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A few kind words from some of our clients... 



"I have worked with Andrew on several occasions and I always enjoyed it.
He is professional, knowledgeable and with a great passion for music. Andrew knows how to listen and guides his artists. He always gives 110%."


Mr. Brian Bogdanavich
Chief Sound Engineer/Producer/Musician. Bonafide Studio


"Andrew Neelands played bass in the original REDEYE between 1997 and 1999. Then a new band that I had started up.He played bass to a professional standard, writing some really creative basslines. He has also recorded some of my demos for me e.g. new draught songs I've written. The studio is geared up for most artists and bands needs and I can't wait to make him work like a dog, for recording my new material in the near future."


Mr. Ollie Foord
Redeye Guitarist/Song Writer

"Sailing Sound manage to clean up a distorted audio track for me. The recording intially had a lot of unwanted background noise, which I could not use, Sailing Sound did an excellent job for me in making the track sound clean and  clear."


Mr. Derek Shankar
Owner, Brand Web Designs


"Andrew has helped us produce the best recordings we could of hoped for. His relentless positivity really helps to keep you going when it seems like something isn't working and would be easier to give up ! He has a particular knack for suggesting potential additions to a recording, though he is careful to let the finished product be all your own work. His method of creating demo versions at his studio before recording the final product  in a professional studio, helps immensely to shape the songs and reduce the time and money spent recording. It also makes it easier to experiment without worrying wasting you're time."


Mr. Andy Mar r : Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist - KAT ATLAS.


"Andrew spent a lot of time producing our songs to get them just the way we wanted.  He went beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions, lending out his equipment and working very unsociable hours!  He is great at suggesting ways to improve the sound of your music b ut the whole creative process is very much a collaboration.  Overall, a very enjoyable and productive experience which I would definitely recommend."


Emily : Singer/Songwriter/Keyboards - KAT ATLAS


"Andrew Neelands is a hard-working and dedicated fellow who isn't afraid to invest his time into a music project and doesn't mince his words when he thinks a song could be made to sound better! He took wh at would have been three album tracks and turned at least two of them into singles - pretty impressive alchemy! We're sold on Sailing Sounds! "


Damien Black : Guitarist/Songwriter - The Dead Roads.

"Working with Andrew at Sailing Sound was an eye opening experience. Andrew encouraged me to experiment with my music, exploring different sounds and instruments that could be used to add new and interesting elements to my songs which I had never considered before. The way Andrew works is very relaxed yet professional, and he gave me very constructive criticism as well as encouraging me by pointing out when things sounded good, or a part of a song he really liked- which was a great confidence booster. I would definetly work with Andrew again, and hope to in the near future "

Vivienne Youell - Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist.



"It's been a pleasure to work with Andrew Neelands, I advise to any great musician in London to contact him for a collaboration! Sailing Sound is perfect for people who want to develop their music passion!!!" 

Dario Rossi - Drummer/Percussionist/Keyboard Player. 


"Andrew's talent and skills has helped me several times to bring out the best of my voice and the product I wanted to present. He was creative, very helpful and with great initiative. I'm very happy with what he offers profesionally and highly recommend it to everyone."

Hanna Luna - Actress.



"Andrew Neelands of Sailing Sound had the ability to hone in on what sound we have got and capture it exactly as if it were live but in a way that it would be fit for listening to in the car, at home or at a push radio I'm sure. This must be down to his capability of a good final; mix even though in our case with the 3 tracks we recorded we were only expecting a demo, but what he managed to mix down was a bonus & has helped us get on a spring board with an MTV show coming out very shortly. Can't wait to use him for recording in the near future. "

Ollie Foord RED EYE .


"It was fantastic working with Andrew. It was a relaxed and homely environment. He has a great ear for re-arranging songs for the better, and I would definately work with him in the future."

Mark Reilly : Drummer - LOST IN HOLBORN


"Andrew at Sailing sound has done an incredible job. He heard new potential in our songs and has helped an Produce sn E.P. we're truly proud of. For all your producing and recording needs, look no futher!."

Ben Gerrish : Bassist - LOST IN HOLBORN


"Working with Andrew really helped realize our full potential as a band and as songwriters. He was always full of ideas and enthusisum which drew out the best in us. Would definately recommend his services to any other aspiring musicians out there."

Dave Pearch : Lead Vocalist/Songwriter - LOST IN HOLBORN


"Andrew has been a fantastic support and influence during our recording session at his studio. His knowledge, experience and enthusisum helped us develop as musicians and helped us producer music we wanted to record".


Sam Maouhoub : Guitarist/Songwriter - LOST IN HOLBORN






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